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Artiste Numero 19: Nomad Soul

I first heard Nomad Soul in the depths of Winter last year. It was a really exciting time for me, uni was taking off and I just kept seeing more and more talented people wherever I looked - and subconsciously I think this band had a lot to do with why I wanted to start this Brainchild project. I found it so exciting to hear people I knew tackling so much musically. They are brilliant musicians, and hearing the mishmash of jazz sounds, electronic effects, and symphonic brass come together so well you can’t help but grin that the future of music feels so great. They’ve had an incredible reception with the scarce material available online, so it’s worth checking out. Furthermore, their live performance will be astounding in the sun. Definitely one of my picks of the weekend, and I thank them for being such a game fellows - particularly their bassist who is DJing as well at one point, he’s always making something good. 

I’m going to their gig at the New Cross Inn tonight, I recommend coming along.

(Also check out this video that was made for Murmuration, it’s actually a flight formation for birds

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